No. 67 – Learn to ride a bike…

Crossed off the list 01/03/12

Ok, ok, stop laughing….yes, I know that it seems ridiculous that at the tender age of 28, I am only just learning to ride a bicycle; furthermore, I realise that the rest of you all learnt this valuable skill and experienced this crucial part of development when you were about five years old (well, yay for you *sticking out my tongue*). Forgive me, but I have to do things in my own time…and the time has come for me to announce that I can now ride a bike! Yay for Shanny!!! (Cue loud cheers, confetti cannons, and champagne flowing…ok, maybe not…)

Anyway, I decided back in November that I really wanted to cross this milestone off the list for several important reasons:

1. I was sick of being laughed at by my mates (you all know who you are…)
2. My impending European Adventure includes a bicycle day trip through Amsterdam
3. I wanted to get over my fear of riding a bike (Ahem, if you saw the scar on my right knee – a permanent reminder of my last disastrous attempt to ride a bike when I was 11 – then that statement wouldn’t sound as silly as it does…) and
4. I was REALLY sick of being laughed at by my mates…

So, with the sound of my housemates’ laughter ringing in my ears (thanks, guys), I purchased a lovely new Beach Cruiser bicycle, which I promptly named ‘Daisy’ in honour of the flower stickers on her (cuteness!). After my awesome housemate Dave finished assembling her for me, I took her for my first spin…or wobbly riding in a line, which almost finished with me riding headfirst into the fence (turns out, I have breaks on the handlebars!) After several more shaky attempts (and many important tips shouted to me from Dave), I finally got the hang of it, and ventured out onto the footpath for a real ride…

My first thought: Wow! Why didn’t I do this years ago? This is so much fun!
My second thought: What do I do when I go down a hill or go over a speed bump?
My third thought: Arrrrgggghhhhh! Just hold on!
My fourth thought: So exhilarating…ahhh, the freedom…wind blowing through my hair…this is so incredible!!!

Since then, I have built up my confidence and I can now proudly confirm that I can ride a bike (without training wheels!), and can confidently tick it off my list of milestones. Riding Daisy makes me feel like a kid again – did I mention how much FUN it is?!?! – and I’m so thankful that I seized the opportunity to learn this awesome skill, which will no doubt bring me years of joy and pleasure. I have to admit, the five year-old Shanny inside me is very happy and proud at the moment…

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